March 2014

Effects of Parental Self-Efficacy on Children’s Motivation

Michael Townsend and Shuk Fan Choi

AbstractThis study examined the combined effects of parental self-efficacy and children’s motivation for reading on children’s reading achievement. Self-concept and reading value were assessed in 83 children in Year 4 classes (aged 8-9) in New Zealand. A measure of reading achievement was obtained from school records. Parents of the children completed a self-efficacy scale, and a subsample of parents participated in an interview. Parental self-efficacy was significantly associated with children’s reading achievement, and this association was additive to the effects of children’s motivation.

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Self-efficacy of First Aid for Home Accidents among Parents with 0- to 4-Year-old Children at a Metropolitan Community Health Center in Taiwan

Michael Townsend and Shuk Fan Choi

This study demonstrates that parents obtained first aid information primarily from mass media and occasionally from health and medical personnel. The findings also indicate that first aid information provided by health personnel positively affects parents’ self-efficacy of first aid. Parents’ knowledge and self-efficacy of first aid regarding choking management and CPR are of paramount importance.

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Students’ Evaluations of University Teaching : An Exploratory Approach

Luo Fei and Rao Lilin

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Improving Learning through EnhancedMetacognition

Zhao Me and Wang Kui

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